11 Simple SEO Tips (even the most non-techy person can do)

It may seem difficult to figure out how to direct customers to your website. Fortunately, we’re here to help! We are a Houston and College Station graphic design company that provides the best website design, and we’ve learned a lot about SEO. Here are some guidelines for getting the most from your website.

1. Be human. Write your content like you are talking to someone. Make it interesting and informative. Don’t make your audience feel lost by using industry terms that they can’t understand.

2. Zoom in. Sometimes it’s tempting to broaden your site’s scope. It’s ok to expand your site, but not so much that your main focus is lost. Your website should pinpoint the one thing your business really cares about.

3. Give extra attention to the keywords. Keywords are the words people will use in their search that leads them to your site. If you sell exotic sports cars, you don’t want your main keyword to be “race car”. That will bury your site amongst thousands of others. On the other hand, using “race car Jaguar tail lights” might be tempting, but very few people will search that phrase.

4. Link to yourself. The more information your readers can gain from your site, the better. Including a link to another page on your site that has additional information is a great way to keep the reader engaged.

5. Placement is essential. Your keywords should be displayed in your site’s title, blog categories, description, page content, and even the domain name. The keywords are like a main highway to your website. Don’t bury them on a side street.

6. Keep it clean. While that GIF of the cat falling into the fish tank may make you howl with laughter, your customers might not find it amusing if it makes the page load slower. The same goes for music, large pictures, and any other add-ons or plug-ins that add to your loading time.

7. Make it pretty. When you look at the URL, it should be something a human can read. Instead of “www.mypagerocks.com/?p4%=title”, it should look more like www.mypagerocks.com/sportscars” Work your keywords directly into your URLs.

8. Don’t lose your audience. It may be fun to come up with a new domain name, but when you change it you may lose some of your followers. Your URL’s birthdays are important in gaining search engine respect. Every time you start a new page, you’re also starting from scratch on the search engines.

9. Reach out and touch someone. This step can take some research, but it’s worth it. Visit other sites that have similar content. Consider putting links to their sites on your page. Linking a few (just a few) high quality sites on your page tells search engines that you know your subject well.

10. Keywords disguised as pictures. Even the names and descriptions of your images can include keywords so those words will be even more prevalent on your page.

11. Maintenance. Update regularly and keep the content fresh. Make sure you’re indexed on all of the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

As technical as the term sounds, SEO isn’t impossible to understand. Are you looking for the best website design company in College Station? Follow our Houston website design tips to get started, and watch your web traffic grow!