The Bread and Butter of Building your Brand


If establishing an online presence were a recipe it would be the famed Julia Child’s Soupe a L’Oignon Gratinee des Trois Gourmandes. Did you even try to finish reading the name of that dish? Neither did we. But we’re not suggesting you to throw in the towel on creating and establishing your online brand. Instead, we’re here to encourage you to reassess the ingredients, buckle down with your content, enjoy the process, and savor the results!

Content is the bread and butter of your branding, and the variety of content utilized on your platforms will augment the population you are able to successfully reach. Long are the days of simple blogs and one-dimensional websites. Today’s impactful web presence calls for a smorgasbord of avenues to be reached and a range of content to be viewed.

Don’t fall victim to the Soupe a L’Oignon Gratinee des Trois Gourmandes of the internet. Hit on these 10 areas of content and reach your audience.


  • Handful Trust
  • Zest of Knowledge
  • Pinch of Creativity
  • Flavoring of Vision
  • Rub of Information
  • Sampling of Simplicity
  • Taste of Community
  • Garnish with News
  • Serve with Efficiency
  • Finish with Entertainment


  1. Create a base of Trust by referencing Associations, Memberships, Affiliations, and Partnerships
  2. For added depth, demonstrate Knowledge by including Background and Experience.
  3. Showcase Creativity with Infographics, Pin Boards, and Photos
  4. Build interest with Vision; include Upcoming Events, News, and Developing Stories
  5. Inform your Audience; Include Biographies, Portfolios, and Awards/Accomplishments
  6. Stir with Simplicity: Create lists, “How-To” articles, and simple Checklists
  7. Broaden your Community: Link Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook together, and keep these platforms updated!
  8. Break the News; Keep an up-to-date Blog with keywords peppered in for enhanced search results!
  9. Enlighten with Efficiency; FAQs, Online forms, and Data and Statistics make digesting information all the much easier
  10. Entertain your audience; try Microblogging, Vlogging, and Animated gifs that are relevant and not overwhelming.