Ben Franklin had a way with words and writing history, and we credit the man with a lot of foresight and wisdom. However, his old adage of the only certain things in life being “death and taxes” is one that we must amend just a bit. Life is a promised place of continuous competition, especially in the growing markets of Houston and College Station.

From schoolyard challenges as young bucks, to college GPAs when the world was at our fingertips, to formal performance reviews in the professional world, life has a way of becoming a sort of jockey race in almost every capacity. Today, it’s your business that’s being represented in front of the world and you’re competing for customers. Your market extends past the brick and mortar and outside the city limits of Houston and College Station. On Google, Yelp, Twitter, and every other media outlet, your brand is either screaming jock-status or it’s the shy kid who is refusing to show it’s true potential in the schoolyard. Build your brand and be your customer’s first choice. Be prepared for the certainty of competition.

Branding involves more than a fitting logo, and in a competitive market your branding is the difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity. The culture of your company, your relations with customers, and the presence owned online and in the greater community reflect your organization and can add immense value and loyalty to your organization. Keep these two strategies in mind when branding your business in order to be recognizable, memorable, and dependable.

  1. Build Your Brand. Be consistent and be direct with your branding collateral, your services, and your interactions with customers. From phone calls to contracts, align your delivery. Don’t invest in custom website design or spiffy custom graphic design but forget about creating a custom experience for each client. Create a reputation of consistency and quality.
  2. Follow Through. Just as we can rely on death and Tax Day coming around every April 15th, your customers must be able to rely on your business. Your company’s branding needs to deliver. Keep in mind that slogans, logos, graphic design, pricing and packaging, advertising, employee behavior and dress, and website design should all emphasize your company culture and values. Don’t get lost in appealing to all customers, but instead, find your strengths and hone in on them.

Your organization’s branding is what initially attracts new customers and clients. But over time, reputation and brand recognition outweigh beautiful stationary and heavyweight business cards.

Drip Drop Creative specializes in traditional and digital marketing in College Station and Houston. Contact our team today to discuss tailoring your branding needs to your business needs. From graphic design to responsive website development, our team brands businesses to succeed. Life brings more than the certainties of death and taxes. Build a strong, recognizable brand presence and be prepared for your competitive market.