Grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk. This is our daily crutch custom order at Starbucks, and it has become something that we not just want, but it’s a tall cup of heaven that we sometimes desperately need.

At Drip Drop Creative, we deeply appreciate our custom drink orders from Starbucks, not because there’s a slight possibility that we have a dependency issue with caffeine, but because we’re in the business of customization. In our line of work, we find our groove in creating custom, responsive websites for clients that have dynamic needs in various industries. However, not all of our clients’ needs fall into the realm of custom website design, some of our clients simply need a template website that offers simplicity and ease-of-access. To our fellow coffee drinkers out there, some clients have an exquisite taste for simple drip coffee.

Questioning which order to place with our Drip Drop Creative team? Let’s break down the differences between custom website design and template design.

Custom vs. Template Coding: In custom website design, our development team knows every aspect of the coding and is able to tangibly alter aspects of the website to meet the client needs. This allows for growth and adjustments in the future as your web presence grows. Using templates is limiting; additions are not always possible and the aesthetics of the website may look similar to a competitor’s.

Custom vs. Template Pricing: Similar to those custom drink orders at Starbucks, our custom website design comes at a higher cost. Time is critically spent on strategy and execution with our custom websites, delivering higher search results and customer retention. With a template design, customization is highly limited, so pricing tends to be lower.

Custom vs. Template Manageability: This is one area where both our custom websites and our template websites are an even keel. Drip Drop Creative utilizes the easy-access Content Management System of WordPress to allow our clients the ability to create up-to-date content for an active website. You’ll be engaging your customer base no matter what option you go with. That’s a win-win in our books.

Still unclear on whether your web presence demands a custom website design or a template design? Consult Drip Drop Creative to learn more about the development process and how your marketing needs can be met. Also, check us out on Facebook, pin away with us on Pinterest, and follow us on Instagram to see all of the crazy cool work we’re brewing.