4 Marketing Tools You Forgot About

When internet marketing problems arise, don’t seek out a web design agency. The truth is a web design agency only makes your webpage look artistic and presentable. They are who you hire for the “look” of your website. So, if you have a marketing problem, don’t jump the gun and automatically assume that the appearance of your webpage is causing it. Think of these aesthetic updates as like using an air freshener. An air freshener only masks a smell, it doesn’t eliminate it. Updating pretty fonts and colors on your webpage will only mask marketing issues, it won’t solve them. The next time an issue occurs use the resources already in your arsenal. Enlist your team of intelligent employees to help dissolve the problem. Chances are you just need to polish up on the following four areas of marketing and not your artistic skills.


Without knowing your demographic, or who you are selling to, just quit while you’re ahead. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in marketing. So, narrow it down, to a select group, and change each aspect of your webpage to cater to this group. If you sell the “Hurry Cane”, don’t pay for pop-up ads, on a clothing webpage, that cater to a mid-twenty age group. You might as well just throw your money down the drain.



Make sure that your customers know exactly what you sell or provide, how to use it, and who to contact for more information. If any of these areas have the potential of being misunderstood, then re-word each description.



Since your product/service isn’t the only one of its kind on the internet, make sure you don’t sell an old version or edition. If it’s a service you provide, keep up-to-date on competing prices, additional perks, and giveaways. Customers always want the latest fad or best deal.



Maybe, all your ducks are in a row, except that customers don’t know you exist. Adopt the trend of social media e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Nothing beats free advertising. Next, check with local radio programs, television, and philanthropy events to get your name out there.