6 Reasons to Update Your Website

6 Reasons to Update Your Website
In a world where time is money and live, information feeds are being updated every two seconds, a company must always be on its toes. What was trending yesterday is obsolete today. Services must be instantaneous or customers will go elsewhere. Be the source that is always one step ahead of all competition with these simple updates.
1. Be searchable.
Make sure your website ranks high on Google search engines. Achieve this by implementing new key-words. Incorporate searchable key-words into your blog site and all posts. If a link in a post no longer works create an updated link to re-direct customers to new information.
2. Keep content reliable.
All Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and website posts should be instant, time effective, and credible. Customers want information that is fast and relevant. Be the company that keeps their ear to the ground and always has the answer, before the question is asked. Something as simple as adding credible links at the bottom of a post will keep your search engine optimization high and your customers will continue to return for your product and advice.
3. Brand your company.
Make sure when customers pull-up your website that they fully understand the goods and services you provide. Double-check that they understand the common goal of your website whether it be to raise money for charity, sell products, or provide a service.
4. Stay tech knowledgeable.
Keeping your website updated with the latest programs, links, and apps will allow your website to run properly and efficiently. Not updating programs will make your website run slowly and customers will be lost.
5. Be an eye-catcher.
Remember, customers want results fast, so if your website is hard to navigate and unstimulating you can guarantee your site visitation will decline. Maintaining a sloppy and outdated website will make your customer assume that your information and product/service is in the same condition. Customers will most certainly judge a book by its cover. First impressions are important, so make sure your website is dressed for success.
6. Get mobile friendly.
Keep in mind that your customers are continuously on-the-go. They aren’t connecting to the internet on their computers anymore. They are connecting continuously on their cell phones. If you haven’t made your site mobile friendly yet…get on it! If your customers can’t get your product at their fingertips they have already moved on to another supplier who can.

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