Picture a milk mustache on a cute baby paired with the two simple words: “Got Milk?”. You may laugh; you may say “aww”. Either way, the message has caused you to react. Personal branding is when you market yourself to promote your career or business as a brand. Your brand is the image people think of when they hear about something you created or something you support. It is vital to have a business brand for companies just starting out, or wanting to expand. There are several benefits to creating a personal or online brand for your company; this article will highlight the benefits of branding.

Benefits of Small Business Branding

Express Yourself

Have you ever read an article that stomps all over your personal beliefs? Branding allows you to be yourself. It is a way to express your true beliefs without fear and simply be you. It allows you to surround yourself with people who have the same belief, and boosts your confidence.


You want your customers to trust you. Build credibility for yourself and your business through small business branding. If your customers trust you to do what you promise, that will boost your brand and benefit your bottom line.

Expert Advice

Become an expert in your field, and display your talents. Use your company brand to promote your unique talents. Do not try to be the best at everything; chose something you excel at and use your life experiences, work experiences, and talent to become knowledgeable in that specific area. Use your brand to promote the area where your company is an expert.

Loyal Audience

Your business will not attract everyone. You do not want to have millions of followers with only five loyal customers. Creating a brand will help attract the right people to your business and create a loyal following of customers. It will attract like-minded people who share your business beliefs, and who can help you determine if the business endeavor is right for you, or if it goes against your beliefs.

Color Your Brand

Choose relevant color schemes and pictures that people can easily associate with your brand. For example, when you see the giant yellow “M” you think instantly of McDonald’s. When you hear “just do it,” you think of the Nike brand. These are examples of branding that these huge corporations took advantage of to launch their businesses to the next level. Create a logo that is personal to your business and use it everywhere.

Gain Value

Creating and promoting your brand will make your services more valuable. If you are known as the best service in town, then you can charge more for your service because you are going to be in higher demand. In addition, having a reputable brand will lead to more networking opportunities. You will be able to connect with others who can help make your services or products better and keep your reputation as being the best.

Simply the Best

A successful brand makes your company the only solution to your customer’s problem. Use consumer reviews and testimonials given by loyal customers to boost your personal brand. They will help bring in more customers and lead to more jobs.

Branding your business is a vital form of marketing that, when used correctly, can help launch you to the next level. Creating your brand will help give your company a solid reputation as the best option available, allow you to express your personal beliefs, connect you to other professionals, and make your services more valuable because they are in higher demand. We are dedicated to creating the right marketing brand for your business. To learn more about branding and how Drip Drop Creative can help you, contact us.