Want the best best WordPress Websites in College Station and Houston?

Having a great-looking website is important in attracting clients. However, visual presentation isn’t what search engines look for. Those amazing graphics and the insightful writing to go with them won’t get you far if nobody can find you. Yet once you’re found, an ugly website can send clients heading back to the search engines. In short, great design coupled with SEO can make your site stand out. We’ve put together some “Do’s” and “Dont’s” for website design, to help you get the best impact for your WordPress websites in Houston.


The “Dont’s”:

Don’t make it difficult. You may love hunting for hidden treasure, but people visiting your site don’t want to go searching for information. When a user can’t find the link to the page they want to read, it often ends in frustration, and they may not come back. Search engines are built by humans, and often have just as much difficulty finding that link.

Don’t be superfluous. While it might be tempting to use every last drop of space you have, don’t add extra pages where none are needed. If there isn’t much to say, then try to fit more than one topic on a page. For instance, if you have a link to your contact information, maybe put your company’s mission or history on that same page.  Search engines look for pages with around 400 words on them.  Too few words on a page might cause the engine to overlook you.

Don’t sound haughty. Let’s say you are the best website design and development company in College Station. Your page should focus less on you, and more on your client’s success. The client came to your page for your expertise, not for your list of awards. Make 80% of your site about educating the reader, and 20% about your company’s accomplishments.

Don’t use flash. Have you ever visited a website and had that annoying gray box show up where a video or photo is supposed to be? People visiting your page do not want to be notified that their flash player has crashed or is outdated. Flash cannot be read by search engines, and is not accessible on mobile devices. In addition, it makes your page harder to load.


Now here’s what you should “Do”:

Design a mobile-friendly site. If you’ve ever used your phone online, you know how much easier it is to read a site that provides a mobile version.

Build your site simply. Make all of your site’s links easily accessible. Even better, make sure that every page hosts a list of all of the other pages on your site. Remember that nobody likes playing the “Where’s that page?” mystery game.

Be social. Include your company’s social media badges. Many people check Facebook and Twitter more often than they browse the web. Put your social media links at the top of your page where they can be easily seen.

Spoil the client. Have you ever noticed that when you visit most news websites, they offer a video of the news anchor telling you the story, as well as the written news article below? That’s because some people like watching video to get their news, while others like to read it. Providing all of the types of communication you can gives your varied client base the option to choose what they like.

Blog. Search engines favor sites that are frequently updated. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to address this issue. You’re probably not going to want to change the content of your main page every month, but you can easily add content by using a blog.

Be among the best WordPress websites in Houston. When you are using HTML, you have to contact your web design company every time you want to make a change. WordPress, and other programs like it, make it much simpler to update your site.

If all of this sounds like Greek to you, you’re in luck! We’re in the business of making you look great online. We have created some of the best websites in Houston, and we’d love to add you to our list of happy clients.