Effective Branding is About Creating Memories

Businesses and non-profits spend a lot of time, money, and energy building a brand. Often, this work can feel like a distraction when what you really want to do is sell the product you know people will want or provide the service that you know will make people happy. It can be tempting to skim over the branding elements and get to the part that led you into business in the first place. You didn’t start a business to design logos and run Facebook pages. You came here to do the thing that makes you feel alive.

But doing that thing takes customers, and customers have to know who you are if they are going to buy your product or use your service. It’s just that simple.

Exceptional branding isn’t about finding the magic formula of colors and keywords to crack the search engine codes. Exceptional branding is about telling your story to potential customers in a way that will make them remember who you are, talk about you when the context of your service arises, and come back to you when they need you.

Tell a Story

“Stories are a communal currency of humanity.” -Tahir Shah

People have always traded in stories. It’s how strangers become friends and how we fall in love. It’s how we pass our values to our children and combat our own flaws. It’s how we make people laugh, cry, and change the world. Storytelling is woven into the fabric of what it is to be human.

If your brand doesn’t have a story, then it is difficult for people to understand who you are and what you do.

You might not think you have a story, but you do. Everyone does. The key is learning how to tell it. You might not think that people want to hear about how you got your start or what motivates you, but they do. People care. The key is giving them something to care about.

Storytelling can be as simple as an “About Us” page that tells about how your business began. It can be telling your potential customers what you dreamed of as a child. It can be describing how you left a job you hated to take a leap of faith into building a business of your own. It can be the story of a person who inspired you or the place you were standing when you first thought of your business. You can tell how your company got its name, the time your warehouse caught on fire, or what values you uphold when it comes to ethical production and hiring practices.

Stories can be made of many different kinds of details, but you need to tell one, and you need to mean it.

Make the Name Stick

Another element of branding is simple recognition. Potential customers need to be able to recall who you are when the need for your service or product emerges in their life. This might be the day after they first hear about you or it might be days, weeks, or months later.

Effective branding puts your name on the tips of their tongues and in the back of their minds. A memorable logo, a pleasing color scheme, and a company name that isn’t too generic or too complex are all elements of becoming unforgettable.

How are you going to ensure that your name is the one they recall when three months from now they are looking for the service you provide? If you are stuck on how to answer this question, give us a call and we’ll get your started on how to do so.

Let Customers See Themselves

Who are your potential customers? It might be nice to answer with “everyone,” but the truth is that your prospective customers are a tiny sliver of the population of the world. Really think about who they are. How old are they? Where do they live? How do they spend their days? Why have they come to you? Or even deeper, what language do they use to describe your services? Pay attention to this and use their language to market yourself. Make your brand relatable.

Effective branding takes these answers into consideration and builds a space where your specific customers can see themselves. If you cast too broad of a net, no one will see themselves in your brand, and that’s worse than being too narrow. If you carve out a space where your ideal customers will feel heard and represented, you will not only be more memorable to them, but you will create a sense of loyalty as well.

Building a brand is time-consuming and detail-oriented, but it’s well worth the effort. You went into business because you know you have a product or a service that matters, but communicating that to the people who need to know is the next step. If you’re ready to make the memories that matter so that your customers return to you when the time is right, contact us today. Drip Drop Creative is a brand identity and website design firm who creates memorable yet simple, unique brands. We enjoy working with clients from across the globe, especially those in Houston and College Station/Bryan, Texas. We love clients who love working with a dedicated very organized team, and who like to think outside the box. I invite you to set up a free consultation to see if we are the right fit.