How does branding add value to your business?


You doubtlessly know that branding is important to the success of your business or non-profit, but you might not be aware of how crucial it truly is. Exceptional branding means not only that you’re consistent with your branding efforts on all levels of your organization but also that this consistency sets your business or non-profit apart from the rest of the crowd. When you develop a great brand, it will both include and transcend the products or services you provide and become a full-fledged, memorable experience for everyone who encounters it. Does that sound good to you? If so, then by all means, read on.

Why Spend Time on Branding?

Why is it important to spend so much time on branding? Your brand, if it’s exceptional, will be your greatest asset. When branding is done well, it creates value, both tangible and intangible, for you and your customers alike. Think of mega-brands like Google, Amazon, and Mercedes-Benz. What do they have in common? Google offers internet-related products and services, Amazon sells everything under the sun, and Mercedes-Benz sells vehicles, but you’ll find them all on CBS News’ list of the world’s most valuable brands. Each company has a brand recognition quotient that just about shakes the earth itself with its force. It’s also no coincidence that the world’s most valuable brands belong to the world’s most valuable companies.

What Should Great Branding Accomplish?

With great branding, you can take your business to new heights. Since an exceptional brand is your greatest asset, it helps grow other aspects of your business, both tangible and intangible. A great brand will improve your bottom line in countless ways: by growing your customer base, entrenching your business firmly in the marketplace and portraying it as trustworthy, inspiring customer enthusiasm, promoting brand loyalty, and creating the aforementioned earth-shaking brand recognition quotient. A great brand will also enjoy a life which will endure long beyond those of any specific products or services. People remember a great brand. Not only do they remember it, but they have bona fide experiences with it in their hearts and minds. Areva Martin, writing for Entrepreneur, states that in today’s interconnected world, a brand plan is more important than a business plan. Prospects want to know what you’re about. Show them by building a great brand.

 How Do You Build an Exceptional Brand?

Start with the basics. David Galullo, CEO of Rapt Studio, recommends that you ask, from the point of view of your organization, who you are and why you matter. The answers to those questions will help you come up with fresh angles and perspectives to set yourself apart, but most importantly, they will provide you with your overarching purpose. Why is that important? Well, your grand, overarching purpose will be your guiding star for all your branding efforts, whether your logo, your website design, or your social media marketing strategy. In case you’re wondering, your grand, overarching purpose shouldn’t be to make a lot of money. Everybody in business wants to make a lot of money. That’s a given. If you run a non-profit, it’s a given that you want to help people. Rather, what does your business or non-profit have to offer the world that’s truly unique? That’s your purpose, and that’s how you start to build a truly exceptional brand.

What Distinguishes Exceptional Branding?

It’s simple. When you think of everything you want to accomplish with an outstanding brand, mediocre branding simply doesn’t do the job. It doesn’t set you apart. It’s blah. It’s bland. It’s inconsistent. Mediocre branding sends a message of, “Why bother?” Perhaps the logo doesn’t jump off the page and demand your attention, or if it does, it’s inconsistent with the website design or the packaging of the products. With mediocre branding, there’s no coherent brand image in the minds of customers and prospects. For example, people could come away from a website with one feeling about a brand, then come away from its social media platforms with an altogether different feeling. There’s no focus. No motivation. No cohesive appeal. Exceptional branding, by contrast, focuses on what makes your business special, gets people motivated to be involved, and draws them in with its consistent appeal. With great branding, you invite people into your business or non-profit to become a part of its experience, and they want to RSVP and be right there with you.

Top-notch branding is the gift that keeps on giving, both to the success and longevity of your business or non-profit and to positive customer experiences and satisfaction. Want to learn more about how to build an amazing brand? Please give us a shout. We’d love to help.