Tips for A Great About Page


Whenever we look at a company website, usually the first thing we click on is the “about us” section. After all, we want to know exactly what the company does, what services are offered to us, who works for them, etc. When you are designing a website of your own, naturally you will want the best content possible. As one of the most important pages on the entire site, the information on the about page needs to be excellent, as it tells a story to the reader. So how do you go about creating a killer about page? Let’s take a look at the best way to write an effective about page so that you can really draw in customers and compel them to keep looking further into your website!

What Does Your Company Do?

This is your chance to tell everyone all about your business or company! The reader should be able to see why you are the best choice for their needs by learning about how and why you conduct business on a daily basis. Your description should be easy to read and engaging, telling the reader who you are, who works for you, what you do, and how long you have been conducting business. You should really “build yourself up” in this section by writing about educational achievements and awards, as well as any and all milestones you have hit in your career. Keep it as upbeat as possible while still remaining professional. No one wants to log onto an about page and read a boring description.

Tailor the Page to the Audience

Always take into consideration who the readers are and make sure you really speak to them! Does your business or company focus a professional service like a law firm? Keep it professional but also how you would explain your services to your client. Are you serious? Are you more light-hearted?

Tell the Reader About Yourself

It is perfectly acceptable to be a little boisterous with this part. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What hobbies or interests do you have? By making this section of the “about page” slightly personal, the readers will get a better picture of you and what you do. You are giving the reader some insight as to how you work. Are you straightforward and get stuff done type person or are you a little more colorful and appreciate personal relationships? This is the time to explain that in written form. Your branding (hopefully done by us) will further this mood even more.

State the Facts

Give the reader all of the facts about yourself. However, remember not to sound like your boasting! For example, if you are a realtor who is creating an about page, talk about your neighborhood expertise, and include one or two testimonials from past customers. Let readers realize the positive aspects of working with you. It is best to be able to be able to be factual without being dull, all while not bragging. You don’t want to tell everyone that “you are the best realtor in the entire world, and no one in their right mind would ever work with anyone else!”. Basically, tell the reader what you will do for them and how you will make their experience of working with you a great one.

Be Friendly and Connect With the Reader

When creating your about page you want to sound as if you are talking to a friend. The best way to do this is to connect with the reader so that they stay on the site and keep looking. Remember to not fill the page with “fluff”! Simply tell the reader about yourself and your business in a way that paints a positive picture and shows them who you really are by saying why the services and products you offer are important.

Your about page is a way to introduce yourself to clients or customers in a way that is friendly and inviting. Be as real as you possibly can, and end the page with a call to action, such as a nice colorful button, that allows the reader to keep clicking!

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