Looking to Start Your Own Arts Summer Camp? Heres How to Start

Discovering the perfect hobby for your everyday life can be extremely satisfying and fulfilling. If you’ve always been creative or if you’ve had a dream of starting a summer camp of your own, consider creating an arts summer camp. Learning the ins and outs of starting an arts summer camp is a way for you to discover a new hobby while simultaneously finding a way to give back to those in your local community.

Find Your ‘Why’

Whether you are searching for your next hobby or you’re ready to start an arts summer day camp of your own, you will want to take the time to find your ‘why’. Finding the motivation for any project you want to get started on will ensure you remain focused on your mission and any objectives you set in place ahead of time. The more familiar you become with the motivations behind the mission of starting a camp, the more likely you are to stick to reaching your goals.

You can find your why by reflecting on why it is you enjoy summer day camps and arts summer camps most. Consider who you want to provide a service for and why the camp will be beneficial to them both presently and potentially even in the future. Consider the type of activities you intend to present, what you will be teaching, and who you will be networking with to provide camp supervision, education, and additional resources.

If you are new to running a business or an arts summer camp on your own, you will also want to learn more about the different methods of doing so, depending on what state you are in and where you intend to operate your camp. Understanding the legalities involved in operating and launching an arts summer camp is imperative to prevent potential hangups or issues once you begin to scout suitable locations. The more familiar you are with the process of investing in and raising funds for an arts summer camp, the more likely you are to have success once you begin seeking sponsors, investors, and backers for your idea.

Build a Team

If you are creating an arts summer camp to promote a certain hobby for those in your community or if you intend to showcase numerous forms of art, you will want to build a team to do so along the way. Building a collective team of professional artists, educators, and staff members who are involved in leadership coaching can help boost morale as you work through the logistics of investing in and starting your camp. The right team is a way to streamline the process of building an organization to ensure you are completing the proper forms and documentation necessary to remain in operation.

When you need to build a team to begin creating your summer arts camp, you will want to consider the types of professionals you will be hiring. Consider who you will be hiring based on the number of activities you will be promoting, the intended location you have in mind for your camp and the number of guests or camp attendees you plan to host at any given time simultaneously.

Having a set business plan of logistics in place is essential whenever you are planning to create a summer camp of your own, even if you are developing a smaller, more quaint camp for a local community. Learning the logistics involved in managing an arts summer camp will also make the process much easier to oversee and tend to, even if you are doing so as a first-time entrepreneur. Once you know the logistics involved in managing an arts summer camp, you can then seek the proper staff or employees you will need to maintain steady operations at all times.

Find the Space

Whether you enjoy art as a hobby or if you’re interested in investing in an arts summer camp to generate a profit, you will need to know how to go about finding the best location and the right space to set up shop. Because you will not be using local offices for a summer art camp, you will likely want to seek out a rural or commercial area that is outdoors. Working with the right real estate agent can help walk you through the process of finding an outdoor location that is optimal for any type of arts summer camp you have in mind.

When you are working with a local real estate agent who is well-versed in the commercial spaces near you, it is much easier to find properties that are suitable for your needs based on your budget and the type of summer camp you have in mind. Real estate agents with commercial and outdoor property experience can also pinpoint specific areas or regions that are optimal for your camp based on the type of activities you intend to host and the audience you want to attract and appeal to near you. While working with a trusted local real estate agent, ask questions regarding the location to learn more about the climate, landscaping, and potential pitfalls of an area before making an investment or signing a leasing contract.

A professional local real estate agent can also help connect you with any resources you may need before you can open your arts summer camp to the public. If you are investing in a location that is rife with mice or other types of pests, your real estate agent may help you by providing you with a referral to a local trusted pest control company. Working with pest professionals can help eradicate potential vermin from any outdoor location you are thinking of using for your arts summer camp.

Sort the Financing

Even if you want to start an arts summer camp as a hobby, you will still need to sort out the financing involved with the project. Unfortunately, investing in a brand-new summer arts camp is not free to do, even with the best intentions. Whether you plan to rent a space or you’re thinking of purchasing a brand-new building to operate your camp from, you will need to work with a professional CPA or business advisor to determine the best course of action to take to obtain the financing you require.

Working with a business advisor or CPA is a way for you to compare financing options from a traditional business loan to crowdsourcing opportunities, depending on the vision you have for your camp and the support of your local community. Before making any investments or signing a contractual agreement, it is also advisable to turn to your business advisor or an attorney to ensure you are making a wise decision. Understanding all the financing options you have available to you can help you make the right choice when the time comes.

Prep the Location

Once you find the best location for your arts summer camp, you will need to prepare the actual camp itself before opening it to the public. One way to do so is to consider looking into lot clearing solutions, especially if you intend to host the camp outdoors or if you have overgrown trees, bushes, and branches on the property. Working with a specialist who clears lots professionally is a way to save time while streamlining the removal process, so you can focus on what is most important when it comes to building the perfect arts summer camp.

When you are setting up hobby areas and spaces, create designated locations to help attendees navigate your camp, depending on whether it is located outdoors or inside a building. Consider the themes, type of decor, and even the paint colors you will be using to promote your arts summer camp or create the perfect atmosphere. If you are lacking in inspiration, you can turn to online communities and social media networks to compare various art camps from around the country as you brainstorm.

Build the Camp

Once you’ve found the ideal location for your hobby and arts summer camp, you will need to get to work. Building your camp is possible by working with the right contractors or local companies, depending on the vision you have for your camp, the material you require, and the budget you are working with at the time. Whether you need a professional landscaper, a masonry expert, or a local deck builder, knowing how to find the right hire is key.

Locating the right resources and professional companies or contractors for your arts summer camp can be done by asking local business owners for their referrals and recommendations. You can also take your own time to research contractors and local providers near you from home, online. Browse online to find contractors while comparing work based on visual portfolios available on social media and in some cases, even the official websites of the companies and/or organizations.

Always take time to research portfolios of any contractor or company you are interested in hiring to help complete the build of your arts summer camp. In addition to verifying portfolios and expertise, it is also essential to inquire about insurance and licensing before hiring a contractor or company to work on any lot you’ve invested in. Verifying licensing and insurance will not only help you to keep your mind at ease during the process of constructing your camp, but it will also protect you from being held financially or legally liable for any accidents, damages, or losses that occur while a contractor or company is working on your lot.

Install Necessary Services

When you are in the process of creating a camp for arts and hobby enthusiasts, it’s important to take time to install the necessary services you may need at some point or another. From working with a general contractor to ensure your building is up to standards to finding a professional who can offer gutter installation, it’s highly recommended to make a list of necessary services you will require for your camp before opening its doors to the public.

Additional services you may need to consider when building an arts summer camp include lighting, entertainment, audio/video connections, wireless internet, and more. Consider the type of activities you intend to promote and share with your attendees to help determine which services are vital before opening day.

Market Your Camp

Anytime you are creating an arts or hobby camp, you will need to know how to go about marketing it, regardless of the audience or demographics you intend to reach. When you want your summer camp to be as successful and popular as possible, marketing is essential and should not be underestimated. When it comes to marketing a summer camp dedicated to hobbies and arts and crafts, there are both local and online methods to keep in mind that can provide the results you are seeking.

Marketing a summer arts camp locally can be done with traditional paper fliers, radio advertisements, or even promotions by local television stations, depending on where you live and where your camp is located. However, if you want to expand your reach even more, you can do so by marketing your summer camp online. Choosing to market an arts summer camp online is possible regardless of where you are located, the size of your camp, and the current marketing or advertising budget you have set aside for the promotion.

Marketing a summer camp online can be done with an official website and with an online presence using social media. Promote photos of the camp, share promotions, and connect with members of the local community online free of charge. Use built-in ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to launch highly-targeted campaigns to attract camp attendees.

Creating an arts summer camp that allows children, adolescents, or even adults to explore a new hobby is a great way to stimulate conversation, creativity, and long-time connections. Understanding what the process of starting an arts summer camp entails is a way to ensure you are making the right decisions each step of the way, regardless of where you intend to open your summer camp. The more involved and actively engaged you become in the process of building and promoting a summer camp for the arts, the easier it will be for you to set and achieve the objectives that are most important to you.

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