How to Shoot and Create a Music Video on a Budget

• The key to shooting a great music video on a budget is your creativity.

• Rent or borrow equipment from local film studios, friends, family members, and online retailers. 

• Utilize natural lighting and use what you have around you for props. 

• Smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras and lighting, so you can get professional-looking results without breaking the bank.

When you’re starting as an artist, it can be difficult to break into the music video scene without a huge budget. The good news is you don’t need to break the bank to shoot and create a great music video that will make your song stand out. All you need is some creativity and a few simple tips! Here are some of the best ways to shoot and create an awesome music video on a budget.

Rent or Borrow Equipment

The biggest expense associated with shooting a music video is often the cost of renting equipment (cameras, lighting, etc.). You may think the only way to get the necessary equipment is to pay a hefty price, but that’s not necessarily true. Here are your best options:

Rent from a Local Film Studio

If you’re shooting a larger music video, renting from a film studio may be best. Studios often offer discounted rates for student film projects and other low-budget productions. These studios also offer complete packages that include cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and more, so you don’t need to stress yourself trying to rent each item individually.

Borrow from Friends or Family Members

Your next best option is to borrow equipment from friends or family members who already own the necessary gear. You may find someone willing to lend their services as a camera operator or sound technician for free.

Buy or Rent Used Equipment

You can often find great deals on used camera gear and lighting equipment from online retailers or pawn shops. If you’re still starting, a used DSLR camera and a few basic lighting kits are all you need to get started. Although a piece of new equipment is a good investment, you still need to ensure you’re getting a good quality product and not just wasting your money.

Make Use of What You Have Around You

When shooting and creating your music video, think about what resources you have available. All you need is some creativity and a few simple props. Your video doesn’t have to be complicated. You need to do the following:

music producer

Find Creative Locations

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest and greatest equipment if you don’t have the right location for your videoLook around for unique places that could work as a backdrop for your music video. It can be anywhere—parks, streets, abandoned buildings—you need to get creative and let your imagination run wild.

Use Natural Lighting

Natural light can create stunning results if you don’t have the funds to rent or buy lighting equipment. The key is to time your shoot correctly: plan it when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, as this will create a softer, more flattering light than when it’s high in the sky.

Utilize Your Phone

If you still don’t have access to the necessary equipment, all hope is not lost. You can still create an amazing music video with nothing more than your smartphone! Smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras and lighting, so you can get professional-looking results without breaking the bank. You can also utilize other camera functions such as slow-motion, time-lapse, and night-shot mode.

Get Creative With Camera Angles

A steady cam setup isn’t necessary (or affordable!) when working on a tight budget—instead, get creative with camera angles! Play around with different heights and perspectives—this can help add visual interest without breaking the bank. Utilizing drone shots is also popular these days. If possible, try renting one from a local rental company for an aerial perspective of your shoot location.

Combining high-angle shots, wide shots, close-up shots, etc., can give viewers different perspectives, adding depth and texture to your overall product. To achieve these effects, you can do the following:

  • Use ladders or chairs to elevate the camera
  • Rent a jib or crane for sweeping shots
  • Shoot from different angles (low angle, high angle, etc.)

Following these simple tips, you can create an awesome music video on a budget. All it takes is creativity and the willingness to think outside the box! With the right approach, you’ll be able to make a great video for your song without breaking the bank. So don’t be afraid to let your creativity soar—you never know what magic you can create.

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