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Arkitex Studio – Bryan, TX



As the largest architecture firm in the Brazos Valley, The Arkitex Studio finds its niche in building great things. Whether those things are long-standing relationships with clients or visionary designs that are later transformed into award-winning constructions, The Arkitex Studio is a company with the future in the plans.


It had been a few years since The Arkitex Studio had crafted their website (we’re talking, original iPhone era,) and they found themselves in need of a fresh look. At Drip Drop Creative, we were awarded the task of creating a web presence that reflected The Arkitex Studio’s zealous and intuitive approach to architecture. In addition, we aimed to showcase The Arkitex Studio’s large scale projects while creating a simple and personal appeal.


Following suit with The Arkitex Studio’s minimalist, modern design approach, Drip Drop Creative incorporated the firm’s culture and craftsmanship into the updated website. Original architectural sketches and strategic verbiage were integrated to accomplish an aesthetic bearing that is true to the artistry of the Bryan-College Station design firm.

Following the old adage that less is more, Drip Drop Creative built the site navigation in the simplest of terms. Allowing for ease of navigation, the audience is invited to peruse The Arkitex Studio’s website without sifting through miscellaneous pages. Furthermore, the refreshed website was built on WordPress, allowing for updates to be made quickly and seamlessly by The Arkitex Studio.

Arkitex Studio – Bryan, TX

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