Signs You Need to Update Your Website


The Internet is a place of constantly updated information; therefore, the website should be updated on it’s looks and information as often as necessary. This often looks very different from business to business depending on the needs of the company and its audiences. There’s no universal set of rules for updating the look or information on a site, except that the website gives off the impression of regular maintenance, thereby showing the audience that your site is most definitely up-to-date, accurate, and in use.

However, there are some guidelines to consider when thinking about updating the look and feel of your website. These include when the site’s:

  1. Information is Out-of-Date

Obviously, if the information on the site is outdated and hasn’t been updated in the last year or even 6 months time, then it is time to update your site’s information. This is crucial, and applies to every website no matter what the industry. Some sites haven’t been touched since the 90s, and the information (as well as the layout used to present it) is often the butt of many jokes. The audience sees such sites and thinks to themselves, “Ok, so these people definitely don’t have their act together!”

Don’t be that person. Update your information, and keep it updated as often as you can. Hire someone to help if you have to!

  1. Information is Full of Typos and Other Inaccuracies

This goes hand-in-hand with the first point. Again, your audience will view your site and brand as less than legitimate if your site is inaccurate, full of typos, and has outdated information. To put it bluntly, your site will look like the ramblings of an idiot, and will reflect poorly on you. Not to be harsh, but that is the truth! Therefore, a good time to redesign your website would be anytime you spot typos that you know the audience will pick apart. One to two typos that are small are forgivable and often overlooked, but bigger typos that occur more often require correction as soon as possible.

The same goes for inaccurate information. It is one thing to update older information that was correct at one point in time, but is not at present. It is another to have put inaccurate information (say, for a news story, or how to fix something in the home), and to have your audience obtain the wrong information from your site. Such things are detrimental to your site’s credibility, and are difficult to overcome and build back trust. Therefore, a good time to redesign your site is whenever there is inaccurate information on the site itself.

  1. Appearance Looks Old or Overused

Now we go into the layout and looks of the site, as well as how it functions. Much like with older information, an old-looking site also gives people the impression that the site is not maintained very often, or even forgotten about.

Does your site look like it’s a few years old? Do you want to refresh its look with a more timeless, classic design layout? If so, it is time to update your website. Because this can get complicated, it may work better to pay someone to create a new layout, or find a good template online. Remember that the design process has to work visually and logistically. People have to find it eye-catching, and also be able to use your site. Remember also that simple, clean designs with easy to read fonts are better than overly complicated designs with script fonts. Feel free to get creative with your website design, and make it represent you or your company’s brand well.

  1. Appearance No Longer Reflects Your Brand or Your Company

Finally, of course, you want your site to perfectly represent you or your company’s brand! Just like with the point above, it is time to reinvent and redesign your site if you find it doesn’t suit your brand well enough. This is where you want to take a look at what your brand is, and what your audience wants in terms of how it looks and functions.

Because everyone’s field, brand, and company is different, it pays to think carefully about how you want your brand represented online. Look at what the trends are for popular websites. These days, a clean and flat design with bold colors and simplistic fonts seem to do the trick for good website design. The complexity comes from how specific pages are organized, which depending on the site, can be daunting or clear. This trend is also considered timeless, therefore requiring less maintenance in terms of layout.

Ask yourself if your site’s current layout is properly representing you or your company’s brand. If so, then you will only need to do smaller maintenance jobs. If not, it is definitely time to update your site’s look!

There you have it! Those are the four basic guidelines for knowing when to update your site and why! Make sure that your site is properly updated and free of inaccuracies and grammatical errors, and also make certain your site’s look is fresh and properly representing your brand. If all areas are accounted for, you will know that your site is ready for your audience. If not, you now know where to find and fix the problem. Again, knowing when to reinvent your site is based on the needs of you and/or your company. There are no set rules as to when you would need to reinvent your site; merely guidelines by which to tell whether or not your site could use a good refresher.

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