A Little WordPress 4-1-1

Here’s the 4-1-1, the lowdown, the dish, the info, and all the deats, on how to use that thing called WordPress. If you’re not a millennial or a 90’s hybrid baby, then WordPress might confuse the heck out of you! Basically, it is another social platform that allows a user to post personal or business-related blogs for others to share and comment. Laments terms:  if you’re not blogging, you’re losing business. Blogging creates a relationship between you and your clients/readers. It allows you to showcase that you are an expert in your field. Here, are some quick WordPress tips that will help you keep-up with that #BloggingLife.

  1. Be careful which platforms you choose.

Even the Spice Girls knew that the same platforms don’t look good on everyone. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between self-hosted WordPress and free WordPress.com. A self-hosted WordPress site demands some financial cost and serious maintenance. However, a free WordPress.com site does not allow total control over the site or its plugins and is harder to use as a financial revenue source. If this is just a leisurely-check-it-off-the-bucket-list blog, then maybe a free version is plenty. Create an outline and define blogging goals to decide which platform is beneficial to your plan.

  1. Go on and back it up.

We aren’t talking about those interesting moves you did on the dance-floor Friday night. Just like we back-up our phones and treat them as a lifeline, we should also back-up our websites. Use an automatic WordPress back-up application like, BackupBuddy, VaultPress, or BackWPup. This will make those ill-timed computer crashes and website malfunctions obsolete.

  1. This webpage could be hydromatic.

“Why, it could be greased lightning!” Burn up that quarter mile and keep your WordPress running quickly by reducing the amount of stored data. Something as simple as compressing photos, specifically for the web, can ultimately save a lot of space, allow convenience for users, and keep the impending doom of the ever-loading white screen away from your webpage.

  1. Hackers gonna hack.

“And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.” Hackers hacking is one of those things that just happens. Hackers are out there and are always a threat. Simple ways to make it harder for a hacker to access your site are: limiting login attempts, creating a back-up, and use Google Authenticator 2-step verification (random code sent to your cell-phone that permits login). Shake it off, baby.

  1. Telephone a doctor: WordPress not okay.

Justin Timberlake knows it all too well. They really don’t make a medicine for heart-ache. Picture this. You wake up late for work and all of a sudden your phone decides, at this very moment, that it is the appropriate time to start updating, so you cancel the update. Well, the same goes for WordPress. Next time you find yourself inconvenienced don’t cancel that update. Just ride it out for about ten minutes. Think of these updates as symptom warnings from the doctor. Make sure your webpage gets the maintenance it needs before it shuts down.

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