2018 is a year where companies are realizing that everything that is old will have the chance to become new again. That is why so many trends that were once considered to be passé have since come back into style. This is music to the ears of small and midsize companies that are looking to compete with the big boys out there.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these trends so that there is no confusion going forward. The playing field is more level than ever before and the following trends bear further monitoring. They just may serve as the difference between achieving your objectives and failing to find the proper inspiration.

1) Logos That Are Responsive

Responsive logos were always a part of the equation but they are coming back in vogue in a big way. Since it first became a staple for various websites over ten years ago, it has become something of a standard for the industry before eventually fading away. Now that it is making a comeback, small and midsize companies would be remiss to ignore it.

Companies must consider the needs of their users when coming up with their logos and make sure that they offer the correct level of responsiveness. Scalable logos are used by the world’s biggest brands and they are great for small companies too.

2) 80s and 90s Inspired Patterns

In keeping with the “everything that is old will one day become new again” motif, the increase of patterns that are inspired by the 80s and the 90s is difficult to ignore. They allow a business of any size to enjoy a charmingly retro that strikes the proper balance between nostalgia and forward thinking.

The color schemes that cause the mind to flash back to these decades are a great choice because the children of the eras are now all grown up. The combination of visual excitement and flashback pizzazz is tough to beat so be sure to consider it for your designs.

3) GIFs

Moving animations are all the rage on social media and there is no reason why they cannot be added to the graphic design roster to assist with your branding efforts. These GIFs can be used in a number of ways and they will accomplish a wide range of tasks. For example, they are often utilized as a means of communicating with various users.

They have migrated from Facebook, Twitter and Tinder and are now a legitimate form of graphic design. When users want to feel as if they have the power to successfully manipulate an interface, GIFs are the way to go. This is the sort of minor detail that can potentially take a smaller operation to the next level.

4) Customized Illustrations and Graphic Art

The best part about this trend is that it allows a company to choose the designs that match up best with their brand. For some, a more whimsical illustration or form of artwork may fit their brand best. Others may decide that they want something that allows them to appear to be as legitimate as possible. The demand for these types of illustrations is only slated to grow in the years to come, though.

As such, you will want to make sure that your business is able to get in on the ground floor now. Custom imagery was always a key aspect of branding and it is only becoming more and more important. If your company is still relying on relatively cheap looking stock imagery? It is time for you to make a much-needed switch and get with the times while you still can.

For more information on how to make the recent trends work for your company contact Drip Drop Creative.