The Website Design Survival Guide


People will always judge a book by its cover. It’s just human nature. Think about how many times you have gone to the grocery store and bought a bottle of wine simply for its label. The other bottle sitting on the shelf, next to the one you bought, may have tasted better, but the label on the other had a cool saying on it, so it made the cut and was placed inside the grocery basket. Think of your website as the wine section at the grocery store. There are many companies a customer could buy your product from, but you need them to choose yours. It might be fickle, but your website will initially be chosen on the look and function of it, not by the product being offered. So, here are a few eye-catching tips we know will get your product into the customer’s basket.

  1. Font Matters

Your webpage is a way of marketing your product or vision to prospective clients. Your website, just like your product, should attract attention. One way to make your website aesthetically pleasing is by using correct fonts. A font has the ability to turn a bland page into an artistic template. Be sure the font chosen is legible, easy to read, and is of decent size. So, obviously you wouldn’t want to use bright yellow, size 8, Wingdings.


  1. Visual Appeal

The color and structure of your webpage highly effects buyer tendency. Color coordination should follow your business’ or organization’s color scheme. Use complimentary colors to make text readable. For example, do not use purple text if your background is black. You do not want any readers to squint, zoom-in, and develop bad eyesight from having to read your page. Next, use text boxes, wrap-text, and row or column templates, to make the information on your page seem structured and easy-to-read.


  1. Organize

Use organization techniques like, bullet points, dashes, headings, small sentences, and simple titles to keep the reader’s mind organized as they view your page. A disorderly website will leave the customer feeling overwhelmed.


  1. Point And Click

Each option on your page should be easily accessible. Your readers should be able to find page options like, contact and help information with ease. If they can’t, guarantee they will find your product elsewhere. Make sure there is a rhyme and reason to the arrangement of your webpage. Finding contact information under the “About Us” is like finding your car keys in the refrigerator!


  1. Lights, Camera, Action!

A picture is worth a thousand words and can give your webpage the sprucing up it needs. Use free stock photos or hire a professional photographer to get the job done. A picture can enhance a mission statement and define sole purpose of the website. Some clients will be audible, visual, and kinesthetic learners. So, graphs, demonstrations, and step-by-step instructional videos have the potential to cater to all learning types and attract more customers.