One of the best ways to improve your business is by automating it. This will save you and your company a lot of valuable time that can be used in other matters. You can use these automatic sequences for email scripts, to provide automated feedback, create an FAQ page, automatically pay bills, and even set up a follow-up sequence schedule for past clients. Automating your business saves you time and opens up the way for you to do other things like filling your client docket and creating an email funnel, creating more clients and thus more profit. There are many ways to automate your company, and they are all beneficial and time-saving.

Email Scripts 

One major way to save time when automating your business is by using email scripts. They are like blueprints for your emails, keeping you from typing out the same email indefinitely. The email script can be created for multiple situations or steps in your company’s plans. These templates can be stored in files and filled in depending on what information is needed or to update your clients when you enter or exit a stage in your company’s design process.

Automated Feedback

Creating an automated feedback reminder saves your business a lot of time too; you no longer have to constantly reach out to your customers. The automated feedback reminder is just that: it’s a reminder for your clients to provide their feedback and thoughts on something before a certain date. By creating a feedback due by a set date the reminder can automatically be sent out, saving you the time of writing and sending them to multiple customers. These feedback reminders are also very useful because they remind your customer of their responsibilities and how they can help keep the project on track.

Create an FAQ Page

Questions are part of a business, but taking time out of your day to answer them all is time-consuming. The FAQ page can contain all the common questions that your clients ask you and the simplest or most detailed answer that you want. Instead of replying to every one of your client’s questions, you can refer them to the FAQ page or attach the link at the end of the emails that are sent out. Creating this page saves you and your clients a lot of time; you don’t have to respond to every question or email and your clients don’t have to wait for you to get back to them if their question is already answered on the page.

Automatically Pay Bills

Another great way to automate your business is by using an automated system to pay bills. By creating a standing order your bank will automatically pay your clients or other companies. You no longer will have to go through the process yourself and remember to pay every bill. Your account will do it automatically and accurately.

Automatic Follow Up Sequence

One final way you can automate your business and save time is by creating a follow-up sequence for your past clients. After working with these people, it’s silly to leave behind: if they are satisfied with the outcome then why not arrange to meet with them again? You can use a system like MailChimp to automatically send emails to past customers after a few months or a year so you can continue to keep in touch with them. Keep the lines of communication with old customers open in case they ever need you again, this, in turn, may increase your business revenue.

Utilize Acuity Scheduling

Phone tag and email tag can waste valuable time as you try to set up a meeting with clients or customers. Acuity Scheduling synchronizes your calendars so that your clients can see dates and times where you are available, and vice versa. This vital scheduling tool also sends you automatic reminders of your meetings or the need to reschedule. This is a perfect way to make sure you are using your time communicating with clients about what’s really important, discussing pressing issues instead of meeting times.

Automating your business may take a little time out of your day but in the end, it saves you and your company much more time and increases revenue. By automating simple things, you can use the time you save for other, more pressing matters. For more information on automating your business, contact Drip Drop Creative, serving the Bryan, College Station, Houston Texas and surrounding areas.

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