Trends in Graphic Design to Update Branding


Considering updating some of the elements of graphic design in your branding? Graphic design trends can give a new mood to a brand without impacting your hard-won recognition. Some of the new trends can allow specific detailing of a new initiative or project, while still connecting to company history. New elements can also give a product or service launch a sense of mood, harmony and balance, or invigorating movement and composition. On social media platforms especially, new trends in color and video can impact market share.


With a strongly graphic and well-recognized logo, businesses can update mood and attitude with changing color schemes. Like many popular magazines that offer different covers for a specific issue, brands can, while using the recognizable logo, offer new color schemes. One of the most interesting color trends is a strong, vibrant background in still images, with a less-busy composition. This use of color, such as scarlet or deep plum purple, is bold and eye-catching, without being intrusive or loud.

Black and white images can also benefit from a single color graphic in the image. A colored background overlaid with a black and white image can be powerful and unusual. Some larger companies are using a collage of their logo in multiple colors as a new but recognizable graphic. Minimalist style remains popular and attractive, and can be updated with strong color.


This year’s trend toward hand-drawn or brush-painted fonts is particularly appropriate for businesses in the maker’s movement, artists and other creative workers. The informal look of these fonts suggest the handmade nature of the product or service, and has a look that brings a great deal of energy. For an established company that needs to project a more formal image, the use of a hand drawn or painted font can be used on some materials, such as a project specific to teenagers or children, or a short-term project with a great deal of energy, such as a contest.

The Face of the Company

Some businesses are adding a photo of team members or the founder to various points on the web site and other materials and areas of interface. A single, well-known personality can become the face of the company; businesses can also use the friendly, approachable and ready-to-help appeal of photos by various contact people, such as on the contact page, the returns form, online help, and similar. This is part of the trend to promote authenticity, and to personalize business in a highly competitive environment.

Video, GIF, or Cinemagraphs?

The world of moving images is changing all the time, and artists are stepping up to the challenge. The cinemagraph, one of the most eye-catching new types of images, appears at first to be a static image, like a photo, but on viewing, one small area of the image moves. Videos are popular, and can also use the face of the company or bold, colorful graphics to update a product or service for the season. Videos are trending shorter. GIFs remain popular, but also need to use interesting color and design to stand out from the larger crowd.

Social Responsibility and Environmental Stewardship

As we continually work to improve our market share, we may find that demographic groups have different concerns. For many younger consumers, social responsibility and environmental stewardship is important for a business, and may play a part in choosing products and services. If your business has a value related to social or environmental issues, it may be worth bringing that value into the forefront of your branding, so potential customers can get a feel for who you are and what you believe in.

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