It’s the 21st century folks and since everything, in the known universe, is solely based online, the way you portray yourself, on the web, will affect your business. Your website is just like a first date. Your customer has decided to check you out and get more information, because they are interested in what you might bring to the table. You only have a few seconds to keep their interest, wow them, and give them a reason why they should pick you. If your website doesn’t give off a good, first impression, then you might lose a customer forever. Below are five reminders of what your website should reveal to your customers.

  1. Reveal your brand.

Whether you’re a tractor supply store or maybe even a shoe store, it doesn’t matter. Customers can find your product elsewhere. So, why, out of all the other options, should they choose your product?  Consumers don’t want to purchase just a product anymore. They want to purchase a story. Retailers like TOMS, Panda, and Project 7, all sell a story, and have become very successful. So, what’s your story? What motivates you to sell your product? How did you get your start? The story behind the product is what is going to make your customers feel like they are a part of something bigger than just monetary agenda.

  1. Figure out the main idea.

If you don’t know what the point of your website is, then neither does your customer. Maybe, you’re an online store and it’s strictly for sales, or maybe your website is trying to draw phone traffic, raise donations, or just simply inform the public that you are still out there! Creating one, uniform, website goal will give your online presence purpose and another reason for your customers to choose you over the competition.

  1. Teach others.

Another, main aspect that your website shouldn’t lack is education. Teach your customers not only about the products you are selling, but also about your industry. Be the resource that your customers go to for help. You can educate consumers through many different mediums like, status updates, blogs, how-to videos, sharing cool links, or even direct message. Your customers will keep coming back if they know you want to help and not just at purchasing time. Show your customers who you are before they need you.

  1. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Don’t be afraid to show off your talents. You might be scared to show the world the video you put together “that one time” or maybe you participate in weekly discussion classes for your industry, but didn’t think it was relevant to put on your website. PUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE! You will be surprised how many more assets you can list, just by doing a little self-reflection and inventory. So, do a little house cleaning and see if there is anything you are leaving out and use it.

All of the steps above lead to your customer being engaged with your product. It is no longer just a “thing” to buy anywhere, this product can now only come from you, because of the way you have packaged it.