Your Guide to Understanding Rebranding

So, you’ve decided to rebrand and upgrade your website. Great, that’s the first step. However, many business-minded professionals assume that a rebrand is a cake-walk with the help of experts. The hard truth is that a rebrand is still a huge time investment. Think of a rebrand like the process of planning a wedding. For a wedding you hire professionals to cater food, supply linens, set up décor…ect. Yet, you are still the sole decision maker that will veto or approve choices from invitation type-sets all the way down to the cufflinks the grooms-men will wear. Well, the same goes for a rebrand. Professionals will be hired, but at the end of the day all decisions will fall on you. Sadly, for a rebrand you can’t just say to heck with it and elope. Baby, you’re in this one for the long haul!

  1. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

One aspect noticeable with top brands is their consistency. Fonts, jargon, and visuals are all carefully chosen and coincide with the main theme and audience. Two examples of consistent brands are and Both websites cater to the millennial generation. This can best be seen through the jargon in descriptions, the use of carefree font choices, and sarcasm served with a smile. Notice, that these two brands stick to the three-font and three-color rule. The use of more than three fonts or colors give off an amateur look to a website. Customers need to feel a sense of organization when viewing a website or they will feel overwhelmed. You know…kind of like when you walk into T. J. Maxx or Marshall’s. No thanks.

  1. Recipe for Disaster

It is not enough to pick out a few fonts and colors and pretend you have a rebrand. Think of this part of the process like making a birthday cake. Sure, it might look great on the outside, but what if you accidentally used salt instead of sugar? Yuck. Rebranding is all about those tiny details. Should you add spacing to the letters of your brand’s name? Do your descriptions match your audience? Should you underline a particular word? Should you use bullet points, a numeral list, or dashes? Each one of these simple details plays a huge part on the outcome of a rebrand. It’s best not to wing this recipe. Spend curated time on these minute visible features to end up with the dripping fudge chocolate cake and not the fruitcake at the fair that nobody wanted.

  1. Laws of Attraction

Think back to the days when you were single and on the prowl (and if you still are then you should know exactly what we are talking about). Did you show up for a night on the town wearing your Thanksgiving eating pants with no product in your hair? No. You dressed to impress. The same goes for a rebrand. This new “dress-up” needs to be conducive to the specific clientele that you want to attract. They may not come knocking right away, but don’t worry word will get around that you supply a sweet product.

  1. Give The People What They Want

Money isn’t everything. You do not need thousands of dollars to create a memorable rebrand. Minimalism is a growing trend that favors simplicity and clarity over excessive embellishments. Brands like, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Chanel, Boxed Water, Juice Served Here, Patagonia, and even Magnolia Market on HGTV all practice minimalistic branding and are successful. Having shallow pockets is no longer a valid argument. It’s an excuse. So, get up off that couch, wear actual clothes today, and go make something magical!

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